Introducing Reel Cameras

About a week ago, I was doing some spring cleaning and found my GoPro Hero 3 Black edition tucked away in my file cabinet. Out of curiosity, I grabbed one of our shipping scales and did a quick comparison of the GoPro and one of our newest cameras, the Reel Slayer HD.

I was surprised to find out that the Reel Slayer HD is smaller and lighter by a considerable margin (both with and without the plastic casing). Now I know what some of you may be thinking, “What’s a fraction of an ounce here and there?” And I agree. I’m not one to obsess, but the fact remains that the GoPro marketing always points out when newer models are 10%, 20% or 30% lighter / smaller than their previous models. And when I saw the scale readings, I had to do a double take, “Is this camera actually lighter than the GoPro?”

If my calculations are correct, the 2.4 ounce Reel Slayer HD is a little over 14% lighter than the 2.8 ounce Hero Black.

But the cool thing about the Reel is that it already includes an LCD screen that is built in, and includes a tripod mount in the case. Once you add the LCD screen and tripod adapter to the GoPro, and the weight difference becomes more significant.

To be completely fair though, the GoPro Hero 3 Black edition offers higher definition recording modes than the Reel Slayer HD. No camera can compare to the top of the line $400 GoPro. The Slayer HD doesn’t offer 4K, and records at a maximum of 1080P at 30 frames per second. But for almost all my videos, I record at 720P anyways. The higher resolutions seem to drain the battery and are difficult to work with while editing.

So if you’re on a budget, and want an all in one package, the Reel is a great option that will work for most sports enthusiasts, especially at $299.

My favorite camera of all time is still the Contour Roam 2. It had the best combination of ease of use and battery life (the thing only used battery while recording, which was great). It’s a shame they went out of business. But the Reel Camera is quickly becoming one of our favorites, especially as we’re able to use it more and get used to the settings and controls. And we love the LCD screen, even if we mostly use it to setup shots. The battery life is superior to the GoPro, which only lasted 2 runs (about 20 minutes) at Mission Ridge on Sunday in 20 degree weather. The Contour and Reel ran out of memory card space before the battery ran out, but both were used for the entire afternoon.

UPS Shipping Issues

Hello to our online store customers.

We have been keeping up with the news that UPS shipping has been experiencing delays. I know that this has also affected many of our customers. If you are one of the many that were affected by these delays, please take the following steps so we can ensure that those who paid for Expedited Shipping will get a refund.

1. Email
2. Include the subject line “UPS Shipping Delays”
3. Include your Order Number and UPS Tracking Number

We will double check those tracking numbers before contacting UPS and will refund customers as necessary.

To read more on the shipping delays, please visit CNN (

We’re sorry for the delays and will consider other shipping options in the future.

- Jin

Online Special – Black Friday thru Cyber Monday

For Thanksgiving Weekend, we are adding another 10% to all Gift Cards purchased through our website,!!

What you need to do!

Step 1 – Visit the Gift Card page and purchased your gift card(s). Here is a link to the page.

We will automatically add 10% when we activate your gift card(s). No additional steps will be necessary.

Step 2 – Sit back and wait for your gift cards to arrive in the mail!

Please Note: This special is not available in-store. Our retail store employees will not have access to activating gift cards using this special promotion.

This Promotion Ends on Cyber Monday, December 2nd, 2013.

Gift Cards can only be redeemed in-store or over the phone (Sorry they don’t work online, yet!). If you would like to redeem your Gift Card over the phone, please call 425-778-3616 to place a phone order. This is the number to our Alderwood location. All Gift Card orders from this promotion will ship from our Alderwood location.

Gift Cards do not expire. But they are also impossible to replace unless we know the full gift card number. Please treat them like cash.

Thanks, and happy Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping!

Switch Sunglasses-The World's First Magnetic Interchange Lens System

Purchase a pair of Switch Sunglasses at Sturtevant's in July and receive a COMPLEMENTARY 3rd set* of
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Radar-Ronix Pro Shop now open!

Sturtevant's is proud to introduce the Radar-Ronix Pro Shop, located at 13219 NE 20th Street in the Bellevue Ski Mart Building!

Stop in to check out the latest 2013 summer products. For those that aren't familiar, Radar makes waterski products while Ronix makes wakeboard products. Both are world renowned and best of all, they're located right in our backyard.

Check out our in-store hours as well as our online selection of watersports.

Be sure to come back and join us for our

Grand Opening Celebration!

Saturday June 22nd!   

Food, Prizes, Specials, and More!!!


Sturtevant's Instagram!

The time has come for Sturtevant’s and Ski Mart to join the Instagram community, and we are stoked to show you a behind the scenes look at the inner-workings of the shops through pictures.
Check us out under user-name

“sturtevantsports”…want to see something specific? (a new product, your favorite employee, whatever!) just let us know in the comment box.