Monday Escape

It’s Monday. Take a little break and just drift away for a moment.

This cinemagraph is taken from “Art of Flight” I recognized it pretty quickly. I believe these are pro snowboarders Travis Rice and DCP….. Actually I know for a fact it’s T-Rice and DCP after going back and searching on NetFlix. If you absolutely need to know what part of the film this is from like I did, it’s the segment where they go to B.C. and get stuck on the mountain and the chopper had to get them. Now I totes want to re-watch that film.

The Wait’s Not That Bad You Say!?

Let’s play a game.

It’s called “Who’s gonna wait here with me”. Reddit user _XO_ posted this photo a couple days back at their local resort in Turoa New Zealand. Apparently they only have one lift to get to the upper mountain and lines like this are somewhat common. Although this specific day the whole country decided to do the same thing. By then looks of it I’m guessing that’s about 600 people waiting to hop on the lift to shred some gnar. The bananas part is that people will actually still wait regardless of how long the line is. That is what I call dedication.

Powder Waisted!

Back on the 30th of December year 2014 3 riders took to the snow. They yearned for a day of fresh powder and what they encountered was something that I have not seen in a while. Powder so deep Adele would roll in it. Like when you’re a kid and you jump into the pool into the deep end and your friend asks, ” How deep is it?” and you reply ” It’s awesome! Jump in!”

That’s what these three skiers were able to do. Just enjoy the day sifting through endless amounts of fresh powder. Check out the FreeRidersLife Crew in this epic pow video!

Riders are; Bernhard Braun, Julian Theking and Mario Gattinger

Bobby Brown “One Run”

Depending on who you are, this is probably not the same person you may think it is. The 23 year old Bobby Brown of Colorado has taken every little step to solidify himself as a professional skier. Becoming the first person to win 2 gold medals in the same X Games is definitely good enough to make that point. Don’t be cruel to this young skier, he’s one of the first to land multiple variations of the triple flip or triple cork in California. It’s gonna be hard to tell the guy to just “cool it now” with the big air and tricks but he’s back home showing us how he does a run from top to bottom of Breckenridge with the help of Under Armour and Michael Clark.

One Run with Bobby Brown from Under Armour Action on Vimeo.

I just had to have this in.

Little Pug Shredding

Now I’ve seen it all. Surfer pug Brandy hits the slopes to give her paws a go at snowboarding. She’s so cute your screen might explode with rainbows, glitter and confetti. She got her first taste of snow when a random snow storm hit DeLuz, California. Now she’s showing us humans how it’s done at Big Bear. If you want to see more of this pug, follow her instagram.


Sorry. Had to do it.

It’s Like a Fluffy White Dream

Here in the PNW we’ve been waiting for a day like this group of friends had. When I first showed this edit to Jin next to me he was like

Can’t blame the guy. I do love how this group of friends are just super stoked and high fives all around. It’s a good change of pace from all the edits of solo riders show boating. Well maybe now the green eyed monsters got me a little bit. Anywho, here’s the edit that YouTube user JHaller had posted of himself and his buddies just spending their Saturday shenanigans. It’s just so cool to see so much p-p-p-p-ow! I wish I knew where these guys where at because it looks like that’s the mountain to be on.