2015 Progressive Sale - Time to change things up a little bit | Sturtevant's Blog
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2015 Progressive Sale – Time to change things up a little bit

New In-Store Format – 20% / 30% / 40%

Our 2015 Progressive sale is going on now! Here are all the details you’ll want to know.

Online Savings

Lets start with the bad news. Due to agreements with the brands we sell, the greatest discounts are in-store and we can’t really show too much pricing online.
However, we are definitely starting to mark products down online, and that list of sale items will only grow as the season ‘progresses’ (get it?). So keep
checking back! Or better yet, call us if you have any questions. For now, we have various products by Obermeyer, Spyder, Sunice, Bogner (Fire & Ice), Nils,
Mountain Force and Kjus on sale online. A lot of clothing! We’ll start adding skis, snowboards and other hard goods this week as well.

In-Store Savings

In the past, we have offered in-store discounts of 30%, 40% and 50% off the manufacturer’s suggested price. But what if that item was already
on sale? And what if a product has a high MSRP but it never sold at that price? We wanted to find a different solution that was easier for everyone to
understand. So, new for 2015, we are offering discounts of 20%, 30% and 40% off the LOWEST marked price. Here are 2 quick examples;

Example 1 – Skis Lets take a ski with an MSRP of $850, but an every day low price at Sturtevants of $650. In the past, the discount would have
been taken off the price of $850. So you would have seen prices of $595 (30% off), $510 (40% off) and $425 (50% off) during the Progressive Sale.

This year, the discount will be taken from $650. So the price would be $520 (20% off), or $455 (30% off) or $390 (40% off) depending on what the
discount is that week. This discount is especially beneficial when purchasing gear that is already marked down! Example 2 – That pair of boots you’ve
been eyeing at Ski Mart

Ski Mart already has some of the best prices in the industry, but our Progressive Sale makes it even better this year!

We’re already the lowest price on a lot of products, the sale just makes it better!


For example, take that pair of last year’s Salomon SPK 85 boots (style 326268) that originally retailed for $349.99. They’ve been marked down to $199.99 at our Ski Mart locations all season. During the progressive sale, it would be $159.99 (20% off), $139.30 (30% off) or $119.99 (40% off) depending on the week. In previous seasons, the lowest price would have been $175 (a discount of 50% taken off $349.99). Note : The discounts apply to merchandise. Unfortunately, the discounts do not apply to certain items, including but not limited to gift cards, services, used / consignment gear, or demo products. 2016 products are not part of the sale. Please also remember, once the sale ends the prices go back to their regular markdowns! So take advantage now.