Feel the Burn! Wilson Burn 100s racket | Sturtevant's Blog
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Feel the Burn! Wilson Burn 100s racket

New arrivals in Tennis!

Inspired by the blazing sunshine the Northwest wilsonhas received this winter we thought to ourselves, lets highlight a few of our new tennis arrivals for 2015! Like the inevitable red tone your skin will achieve if you spend too much time outdoors, the new Wilson Burn series of racquets are sure turn up the heat on court this spring.

At 11.3 ounces strung, the Wilson Burn 100s will impress you with its spin and power. Designed for the modern baseliner, the Burn 100s is packed with key design features to help you rip winners from the backcourt. Firstly, Wilson added a longer grip to give modern players plenty of room for their 2 handed backhand. The Burn 100s is the first racquet from Wilson to incorporate carbon fiber in the layup of the frame.  Carbon fiber is lightweight and stiff, creating explosive power without adding weight. Lastly, Wilson drilled the 100s with an 18×16 spin effect string pattern. Denser than the 16×15 on last year’s Steam 99s, the 18×16 adds some control back into the mix while still generating loads of spin. We have demos of the Burn 100s along with its lighter sibling the Burn 100uls  available for you to try. Swing on in and check them out! To go along with the hot technology in the Burn, Wilson has introduced the new string Revolve. Decked out in vibrant orange that compliments the Burns paintjob, Revolve is a control oriented polyester string with a very slippery outer coating. By reducing friction between the strings, revolve takes advantage of the Burn’s spin effect technology to its fullest allowing the strings to snap back extremely fast. Expect some wicked kick on your serves and big time bite on your slice!

– Written by Eric Johnson, Tennis Department, Bellevue