Stand up paddle board places to launch near Bellevue
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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Places to Launch

With stand up paddle boarding becoming so popular we wanted to share places to launch your SUP.

Lake Washington from Mercer Island: chippy and choppy but if you have a morning paddle you can get some calm water. Here’s the Mercer Island Parks Guide with addresses and features of each park and landing. The landings are convenient because you park near the water and have an easy launch. These are small spots with limited parking, no bathrooms, but during non-peak times you can get close to the water.

Non-motorized lakes offer great paddling without the choppy water. Here is a PDF showing  King County non-motorized lakes. The guide includes a map and shows amenities for each location.

For more lakes use this link  Water Access List from Fish and Wildlife. Includes all counties, Google map to the point, and usually a small picture.

Juanita Park has a nice cove and park. Here’s a guide to Kirkland Parks with list of swimming and which locations have a boat launch because sometimes it’s nice to drop your gear and then move the car depending on how many people you have going out.

This is just a short list but it’s easy to find top places to go nearby. It depends on what you want. Do you want a smooth and calm ride or chippy with a lot of movement?  Whatever you do, have fun!