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Procrastinators Corner / 17.11.2014

We all know how Instagram has taken over social media. These guys address the serious addiction of #selfies and #hashtags. Lucky for us they are a talented group of snowboarders (Jack Mitrani, Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Luke Mitrani, Mason Aguirre, Eric Jackson, Mikkel Bang, Kevin Pearce, and Greg Bretz.) who know how to have some fun. Good for a quick laugh. Enjoy :) ...

Procrastinators Corner / 14.11.2014

"An immensely visual film that captures that true essence of extreme skiing and follows the enthusiasts dedicated to chasing the snow. " - Kickstarter campain Ever want to be part of a ski film? Here's your chance.  Brian Apt is looking for some crowd funded help to get his "To Hell U Ride" film up and going.  There are a lot of people out there trying to get their dreams up and running.  Let's do our part and help get this film onto the silver screen.   We have no affiliation...