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Procrastinators Corner, Ski / 25.03.2016

Youtube user Pleasant Green uploaded a video showing that you don't need snow anymore to ski. That's right. No more snow. What they substituted in place of snow are those ever so hot hover boards from 2015. It's all in fun and games, no one got an eye poked out but it's still fun to see peoples reaction as he goes about the resort and even parts of town. Check out how to ski without snow! OH, and did I mention this whole video...

Procrastinators Corner, Ski / 24.03.2016

Going to Ikea is always a fun trip. The giant warehouse, meatballs and the endless maze of home decorations make for an extra fun trip for Nicolay Ramm and Robin Bryntesson. Ramm was challenged to a biathlon by Bryntesson after the "great Norwegian surprise"; in an Ikea store. I'm pretty sure most shoppers that day got far more that their usual Ikea experience. Follow more of the two rivals here. ...

Procrastinators Corner, Tennis / 23.03.2016

Coming off his win at Indian Wells this year, Champion Novak Djokovic stopped by the Ellen Show to play a little game called "Smash Your Face". There were some plates set up on a wall with Djokovic's face on them. The two took turns at attempting to break the plates using tennis racquets and balls. It's like anything that Ellen comes up with looks like a good time and the two took full advantage of that. Novac even had an audience member come up and...