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Procrastinators Corner, Ski / 01.02.2016

The name Angel Collinson should be familiar to you. If not, start getting to know that name. Angel is 2015 IFFF Best Female Free-skier of the year. Check this out to get acquainted. [caption width="200" align="alignnone"] All caught up now? On to the next![/caption] Even the best will take a tumble every now and then. Sometimes the tumble turns into a nightmare. While filming Paradise Awaits for, Angel manages to show everyone how tough a person she is. Making her way down...

Procrastinators Corner, Ski, Snowboard / 25.01.2016

Casey Neistat wins the best city snow-pull video again this year. He just released this years version shortly after the east coast got one of it's biggest dumps of the century. This is such a breath of fresh air after seeing countless mountain edits. Thanks for this Casey! If you're unfamiliar with Casey, don't beat yourself up. He's a Youtuber that makes amazing things on his channel. Not typically the type of person you'd find on a action sports post. Regardless, this guy brings...