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Procrastinators Corner, Ski / 16.12.2015

Who needs snow? Candide Thovex sure doesn't. The french skier hits the slopes once again for a jaw dropping ad with Audi. Half of me believes this entire video is real and another part thinks there was some movie magic involved. I'll have to get down to the bottom of it somehow. For now, check out this wonderful short vid in all its non snowy glory. Filmed in Megève, France this does almost have the same feel as Candide's "One of Those Days" edits. ...

Procrastinators Corner, Ski / 10.12.2015

Angel Collinson can shred. Plain and simple, no if and's or buts. Here is the segment that got her the 2015 Best Female Freeride Performance at the Intern­ational Freeskiing Film Festival. Angel also just got awarded Powders' "Line of The Year" for her first run in the segment. Teton Gravity put together "Paradise Waits" and showcases Angel tearing up the Neacola Mountains in Alaska. Check out her piece and let her skiing do all the talking! ...

Procrastinators Corner, WakeBoard / 09.12.2015

Redbull takes us out to Cleopatra Pool in Hierapolis, Denizli with wake skater Brian Grubb. Located in Turkey, this geothermal pool makes for a perfect day in the water. Legend has it Marc Anthony presented this pool as a gift to Cleopatra which was later ruined by an earthquake. Many of the columns toppled over giving it one of it's nicknames the Antique Pool. Those columns still rest on the pools bed today allowing visitors a chance to swim among these giant artifacts. At first...