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Procrastinators Corner, Ski / 03.12.2015

In the sport of down hill ski racing we know they go fast. Like really, really fast. Has anyone ever noticed the person just a little bit behind the skier? Cameraman Eric Harbour has posted some clips from his GoPro to see what it's like from his point of view. All I can think of while watching is how much slower they look on tv versus right in front of you. Here he is behind skier Tessa Worley at the Loveland Ski Club. [caption...

Events and Happenings, Procrastinators Corner, Ski / 02.12.2015

Kevin Curran, one of our team riders has uploaded his 2015 season edit onto Posted back in October, he's been getting a lot of well deserved views. Let's do our part and get him a little more exposure and cheer him on as he continues on his journey to become a better skier! Love the feel of this edit which was shot by Jeremy Dubs in Japan this year. Not only did Kevin do the riding, he also did the editing. ...