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Procrastinators Corner, Snowboard / 13.11.2015

Wow. Just. Wow! This is what happens when phenomenal cinematography meets with action sports. It's a beautiful arrangement of grace and power. Professional snowboarder David Bertschinger Karg has put together one of the most beautiful series I've seen in a long time. One part of three is set in the Swiss Alps. David brought along Shayne Pospisil, Austin Smith and Levi Luggen to showcase some skills and just have a blast. Make sure to check out the other works that David has done also. projectDETOUR -...

Procrastinators Corner, Snowboard / 12.11.2015

Danny Davis is the featured rider for the latest Burton Presents Series. Following him in Japan the week before defending his Gold Medal from the previous year. Danny brings some friends Mark McMorris and Terje Haakonsen along and shred up the mountains of Hokkaido. Danny said that he wanted to be a balanced rider that does everything. He is a perfect embodiment of what that looks like. This was such a fun 10 minute short to watch. I dare you to not...

Procrastinators Corner, Ski / 11.11.2015

While filming a segment for TGR's film "Paradise Waits", pro skier Ian McIntosh went through what might have been his scariest moment of his life. Up on the Neacola range in Alaska things go horrifically wrong for McIntosh. Within seconds of his descent, a five foot trench surprised him and took him for the ride of his life. Falling nearly 1,600 feet in under a minute, this fall is miraculous and terrifying. The very lucky McIntosh signaled that he was okay after the fall which is...