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Procrastinators Corner, Tennis / 30.10.2015

Here are some great tennis trick shots by Gregor Dimitrov, Gael Monfils, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and more. These were compiled by YouTube user tennistop10's. All of the trickery goes on in practice. A few weeks back one of Novak's practice shots had gone viral, which is also a reason this edit was created. When asked why he(Djokovic) doesn't attempt those amazing shots in tourney, he responded that it would be "disrespectful" to his opponent. Novak also said he felt that "I don't...

Procrastinators Corner, Ski, Snowboard / 29.10.2015

Austrian skier Martin "Mcfly" Winkler decides to take his GoPro Hero 4 out for some pow along with his surfboard. Yes. His surfboard. As a kid growing up in Hawaii that always was sort of a dream or vision I had in my head. One day that someone should take a surfboard and see what it would be like to surf down a mountain. Martin was able to fulfill that everlasting question in my head. I can truly say that I wasn't disappointed. ...

Procrastinators Corner, Snowboard / 28.10.2015

OH YES! THEY DID! Arbor Snowboards just dropped a pretty gnarly edit to kick off the season. Unsure of what to expect from LP Dorval quickly turns into an all out assault on your eyes. Re-edited from his part in Renaissance,by a Montreal based film crew Nowamean. LP shows incredible athleticism and creativity. I'm looking forward to more stuff from this kid. After you see the edit, you'll know why. ...