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Procrastinators Corner, Ski / 13.10.2015

I don't know entirely what's going on here. But I like it. Originally posted on Wack's Vimeo profile. The skier spends 30 minutes in Hurricane force winds trying out a few tricks in their back yard. Sprinkled in with a pop classic and some interesting other moves. Gave me a good chuckle. HurricaneTorf from Wack on Vimeo. Got me like; ...

Procrastinators Corner, Ski / 12.10.2015

Here's a skier to watch. [caption width="240" align="alignleft"] photo by paul morris photography[/caption] Tatum Monod is a Canadian freeskier whos is about to make some noise in the industry. She has recently took home best female performance in a short at this years iF3 awards. Yes, she has a great smile and a very awesome personality. Just don't let those ever fool you into thinking she can't charge a slope with the best. Check out her award winning season edit in partnership with Redbull. Tatum...

Procrastinators Corner, Snowboard / 09.10.2015

The team over at Almo is at it again and quickly becoming a team to watch for edits. Their newest release "Comfort Zone" is set to release very soon. Featuring riders; Mathieu Crépel, Victor Daviet, Victor Delerue, Pat Burgener, Enzo Nilo, Thomas Delfino, Sylvain Bourbousson, Jorn Simmen Aaboe, Boris Mouton, Sebbe Debuck, Markus Oliumstad, Fred Couderc, Valérian Ducourtil, Morgan Le Faucheur and freinds. Whew! That's quite the list, so you know it's gonna be good. This. Is. Sick! ...