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Procrastinators Corner, WakeBoard / 05.08.2015

I know, the title is a horrible pun. All bad puns aside. Japan's own Shota Tezuka returns home with Redbull and a trusty photographer to capture some sick footage. It's quite perfect the way Mt. Fuji just sits nicely in the background. Having spent a good chunk of his younger riding days on that lake, it sure looks like home for the young champ. Showtime, which is Shota's nickname, has been wakeboarding since the second grade. He became Japans youngest pro wakeboarder at the age of...

Procrastinators Corner, Tennis / 04.08.2015

If you like Coldplay and Roger Federer. Well you're in for a treat today! Youtube user Raz Ols created a pretty cool fan vid dedicated to Federer. It's a well edited and thought out vid. Raz states in the description "it's about Roger Federer and his quest for another Wimbledon title. It's about not giving up, not even after the toughest of defeats...