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Procrastinators Corner, Ski / 03.08.2015

GoPro's fist Line of the Winter Award along with $20,000 was awarded to Leo Taillefer this past weekend. After watching the edit, there's no doubt they made the right choice. This edit is sick! It was actually a little more fun watching Leo get the news that he'd won. Such a humble and cool dude. Leo has quite the background skiing Val d'Isère in France. Growing up, that was his mountain. He talked about how when he was younger he would sneak off and...

Procrastinators Corner, Product Reviews, WakeBoard / 31.07.2015

Oh c'mon! You knew that was coming. Let's get on topic now. This weeks #FPF is Hyperlite's do it all board. The Hyperlite 2015 Tribute. You see what I did there now? The Tribute is a shape designed for the true free ride experience. Built off of a 2.55 inch continuous rocker line it carries awesome speed into the wake and all the pop you need. Combined with a variable edge design which rolls from soft between your feet to a sharp cupped rail tip...

Procrastinators Corner, Snowboard, WakeBoard / 30.07.2015

Owen Pick. A soldier who served in Afghanistan back in 2010 had his leg blown off at 18 years old from an IED blast. He debated for nearly a year about what to do with his leg. Finally reaching the conclusion to amputate below the knee. [caption width="800" align="alignnone"] photo from[/caption] I first learned about Owen after looking into this past Monday's post about the Redbull Harbour Reach Event. There are a lot of roads Pick could've taken after the procedure. He...