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Product Reviews, Tennis / 24.07.2015

The new 2015 Head Extreme racquets have arrived. The racquet used by Richard Gasquet is quite a beauty. The new Head Extreme has all the benefits of the Graphene Extreme MP in a heavier, stiffer version. This aggressive tour racquet provides all of the extra touch, power and massive spin you want for an aggressive game. Some of the great features about the MPA model is the EXTREME racquet series flawlessly combines spin and power into a rock solid package and it comes to full life in the MP...

Procrastinators Corner, Snowboard / 23.07.2015

Mario Kart and Snowboarding, together at last. This is the edit you never knew you needed in your life. If you grew up anywhere near a Nintendo 64. Chances are you've heard of Mario Kart. Hopefully you know who Mario is. The Mario Kart video game is perhaps one of the top 3 multi player games before the internet ever. Sorry, I had to let the gamer inside of me out for a second. Back to reality. Riaz Haniff had posted this...

Procrastinators Corner, WakeBoard / 22.07.2015

Winchelroute The Redbull team is bringing us on another epic journey. This time all around Austria with Dominik Hernler, a winch, photographer and a small crew. Dom really went above and beyond to find unexplored wakeboarding spots. With the trailer showing some pretty gnarly shots. I just had to find more on this edit. The cinematography and music that pairs together like peanut butter and jelly. So sweet and smooth. If it were up to me, I would've titled it The Art of Winch. ...