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Procrastinators Corner, Tennis / 07.07.2015

This year's Wimbledon has already been drama filled from the start. The 20 year old Australian Nick Kyrgios so far seems to be the hot topic from this past weekend. After being knocked out by Richard Gasquet (7-5,6-1,6-7 and 7-6). It's not Kyrgios loss that's causing all the commotion, it's how he came to it. No doubt about it, Nick is a great tennis player with some potential. He does have some growing up to do. Quickly making himself the new bad...

Procrastinators Corner / 06.07.2015

Summer is heating up and hopefully everyone had a very pleasant 4th of July in the States. Some were able to have an extra day off today and some people still had to go into work. For those who are having a severe case of the Mondays, this one's for you. GoPro introduces us to a squirrel named Twiggy. He's no ordinary squirrel. He's aquatic. No longer will you ask yourself "Can squirrels water ski?". Because the answer is yes. GoPro brought him...