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Procrastinators Corner, Product Reviews, WakeBoard / 03.07.2015

Okay, so maybe not exactly like him. At least use the same type of board he does. Although this Wednesday's post was about him, today's post is a strict coincidence. Ronix 2015 Koal Thruster is the same electric shape as Parks Bonifay's Carbon Thruster, this one's on a scaled back budget without the carbon reinforcement. The most responsive, hard charging shape in our line up. Whether you are looking for more drive up the face of the wake or added glide as you learn to...

Procrastinators Corner, Tennis / 02.07.2015

This was a pleasant surprise to see. I mean, seriously. One doesn't come across such great creativity everyday. Zuzanna Szyszak creates tennis and animated magic. "Ajde" a story of a young Serbian boy who dreams of becoming the best tennis player in the world by winning Wimbledon. This short films Serbian title which translates to "Come On!" is actually dedicated to Novac Djokovic. I really hope he gets to watch this beautiful tribute. There's not one word spoken...

Procrastinators Corner, WakeBoard / 01.07.2015

If you're an avid wake boarder you should already know who Parks Bonifay is. If you're new to wake boarding you should get to know who he is. The 33 year old Florida native has been on the water practically the moment he was born. His family all with a background in water sports set the path for the phenom. Bonifay was the first documented wake boarder to land a 1080 back in 1999. Additionally he surprised the world when at 14, completely owned...