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Shop News and Sales Info!, Tennis / 10.07.2015

Grass, Clay, Hard or Hot Lava. No matter what type of surface you play on, having the right footwear can always help you get an edge. In honor of this years Wimbledon. I present to you; Babolat's 2015 Wimbledon Edition SFX shoe. It's this years SFX with all of the Wimbledon bells and whistles from the green and wine accents along with the actual Wimbledon logo placed just on the outside of the shoe. This is your all court shoe that plays more natural along with free flowing movements...

Procrastinators Corner, Snowboard / 09.07.2015

Who else other than the Nitro Snowboard Team could pull of such an amazing feat. Marc Swoboda, Dominik Wagner, Ana Rumiha, Žiga Rakovec, Benny Urban and Basti Rittig would attempt to break the world record(79 meters or 259.19 feet) for a rail slide. The team took two tries to make this happen. The first attempt proving unsuccessful needed some redemption this past June. The team took turns to hit the mark but it proved to be more difficult than it looks. It would...