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Procrastinators Corner, Ski, Tennis / 25.06.2015

The WSJ wrote up a fabulous article exposing Djokovic's secret to his phenomenal play. I know right?! Maybe you too can now play at the high level of all the pros. It really doesn't take much. Just some snow, 2 sticks under your feet and 2 poles in your hand. You guessed it. Skiing. The Joker's been skiing since the age of 2. His family owned a pizza parlor at a ski resort in Kopaonik. That said. Now when you watch him play,...

Procrastinators Corner, WakeBoard / 24.06.2015

It's so awesome to see edits from all around the world. This week, we look at Antoine Allaux, Ben Leclair, Ian Curry-Lindahl and Thomas Paris rip it up at the TNSames(Exo64) cable park. The park located in the southwest region of France couldn't be highlighted any other way. The water looks awesome and the surroundings look super tranquil. There's not a lot of huge jumps or crazy air in this edit but there is some really cool shots. Now I have another park...

Procrastinators Corner, Tennis / 23.06.2015

There are those days in any sport, everything seems to go your way. The ball bounces just right, the wind may be on your side, every little thing seems to just work. There are other days when you're on the opposite side looking in. That just comes with the territory of sports. There's a winner and a loser. It's what brings the spirit of the word competition to life. "In the zone" might be an understatement when it comes to Ivo Karlovic's...