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Procrastinators Corner, Ski / 22.06.2015

I gotta be honest. Sometimes when I go down a mountain, I treat it like a video game in my head. Avoiding crowds, getting points off sweet jumps, nailing a clean landing etc. Nikolai Schimer must be a mind reader with his latest GoPro edit. The GoPro's Youtube page posted Nikolai's edit and it's not disappointing in any way. It's like he took what I envisioned in my mind and slapped all together. Everything from the 8bit lettering to the awesome music....

Procrastinators Corner, Product Reviews, Tennis / 19.06.2015

Looks to me like there's a smart device revolution upon us. A couple weeks ago there was the US release of the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor. Now there is a watch. Not like the Apple watch or other wearable devices we've grown familiar of. This Pulse Play watch is tenniscentric. I think I just made a word up? At the time of this posting there is just about a week left to help fund this device. It's pretty neat so far. You'd...

Procrastinators Corner, Tennis, Tips and Tricks / 18.06.2015

Have you thought to yourself "what would it have been like to play tennis against a wizard back in the day?" No? Yeah me neither. If you have, rest assured because Pablo Schurig has mastered years of magic or tennis skills to pull off some amazing trick shots. I don't even know how he did a lot of these tricks. They sure do look like a lot of fun to learn and practice. If you want to see more, be sure to check out Trick Shot...