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Procrastinators Corner, Product Reviews / 12.06.2015

It's getting closer and closer to football season. Guess who can't wait? You got it! This Guy! Ronix has made a phenomenal boat coat for those fans of the Seattle Seahawks, also known as 12's! This navy and lime green(midnight blue/psycho green) hoodie is soft and warm. Features a removable hood and breathable mesh where it's needed. So it's perfect to go from an evening or early boat sesh straight to town. This is a must have for Ronix fan or the 12's. It fits...

Procrastinators Corner, Tennis / 11.06.2015

I know it seems I'm poking a lot of fun at tennis players this week. I'm not trying to, it's just that there have been some funny things that have popped up. Mostly because I think it's from the French Open these past 2 weeks. Now that the Open has ended, Jimmy Fallon of the Tonight Show, has taken to his normal comedic routine to have some fun with sports and one of tennis' most notable sound effects. The "grunt". So here is Jimmy...

Procrastinators Corner, WakeBoard / 10.06.2015

This is a pretty sick edit. Great track and great shots. Danny Burnstein started wakeboarding at a camp in his hometown of Michigan. Just like any other guy, if a girl invites you out to try something new, make like Nike and "Just Do It". That's exactly what Danny did. He later migrated to Florida where he honed his talents more toward cable parks than traditional boats. Now he spends a lot of his time practicing and sharing his love of the...