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Procrastinators Corner, Tennis / 04.06.2015

In one of the most anticipated matches of this years Roland Garros French Open; Djokovic and Nadal did not disappoint. Nadal whom is now 70-2 in the French Open lost to Djokovic; 7-5,6-3 and 6-1. Nadal will most likely now slip into double digits ranking for the first time since 2005. On the flip side Djokovic continues his rampage on the courts. I believe he is set to face Andy Murray next in the semi finals. Here's the ralley of the day; ...

Procrastinators Corner, WakeBoard / 03.06.2015

For the first time in wakeboard competition history. A perfect score was awarded. Harley Clifford managed that feat back on the 24th of May. Becoming also the first ever rider to complete to back to back double flips in competition. Clifford stomped a double indy tantrum followed by a double indy half-cab roll. Shortly after he threw in a third double flip off of the double up at the end of his run. Which then also made him the first rider to land three double...

Procrastinators Corner, Tennis / 02.06.2015

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. That's a name you need to start getting to know and how to pronounce. A star in his own right is making small waves at the Roland Garros French Open this year. He is silently becoming a fan favorite among the best of them. There is a viral video of him apologizes to a young child who cried when Tsonga was unable to meet the youngster. I for myself am not fluent in french but I believe it went more along the...