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Procrastinators Corner, WakeBoard / 27.05.2015

This week we take you to Rockstars' 2015 Shredtown Jamboree. Rockstar has already put together a highlight edit of the winner Graeme Burress. After watching the edit. I couldn't agree more. This dude is a gnarly rider and just crushed it. From their Youtube page, Rockstar writes; "There couldn't have been a more deserving winner of the Shredtown Jamboree standout award than Graeme Burress. Graeme charged it for 3 days straight from sun up till sun down, going "ham" (as the riders put it) between the...

Procrastinators Corner, Tennis / 26.05.2015

A little flashback to the 2014 Australian Open. Some might say tennis is a game of touch and finesse. 18 year old Nick Kyrgios, the previous years boys champion, plays against Benoit Paire. Nick showcases just how much finesse he posses on the court. This shot was one of the Hot Shots from that open. Don't need to take my word for it. Just see for yourself. ...

Procrastinators Corner / 25.05.2015

It's okay if you do. I'm pretty sure you're not the only one. Couple weeks ago People Are Awesome had posted an epic kids video. I clicked on it. Thought to myself, "yeah, this might be cool, see what these youths are up to." I couldn't have been more surprised and just giddy watching it. There are so many fearless kids, just doing everything they love. It was just so heartwarming to watch. I spent practically the whole 2 minute video...