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Procrastinators Corner, Tennis / 19.05.2015

A court is just a court right? Not unless you have access to some of Architectural Digests resources. The above photo is the highest tennis court in the world. Located on Dubai’s Burj al Arab. This grass court sits at approximately 690 feet up. So if a ball goes out of play, don't bother chasing after it. The second is probably my personal favorite. I could envision myself here sitting by the pool, book in one hand and a nice tasty beverage in...

Procrastinators Corner, Snowboard / 18.05.2015

Wave Rave Snowboard shop posted a father daughter tandem snowboarding youtube vid a couple weeks ago. It's slowly gaining a lot of buzz. Kinsley's 3rd birthday by all means was an epic one. Anytime you can hit the slopes with loved ones is definitely a plus in my book. She spent the day tandem riding with her dad on Mammoth Mountain. You've got 4 minutes free right? If not, make it happen because this is the most adorable thing you'll see all week. ...

Procrastinators Corner, Product Reviews, Tennis / 15.05.2015

Babolat has released it's newest Roland Garros French Open Racquet for 2015. The AeroPro Drive has been around for a little while now this year. The French Open racquet shares all the same specs as the AeroPro Drive but adds a little French flair in the colorway. Highlights of bright yellow and a fiery red consume this wicked stick. Don't be fooled by all the flair, this is a superb all around racquet. Babolat has also added the Cortex Active Technology to dampen the...