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Procrastinators Corner, Tennis / 28.04.2015

So you have a bad day. What do you do? Try your best to turn it around or throw your racquet 30 feet into the stands? Me? I usually slam my racquet to the ground then cry in my car. When playing any type of level, I was taught to always give 100% till the final whistle. Michal Przysiezny goes from bad to worse in 4 swings. Not everyone is perfect, but this is a prime example of a perfect tank. The more I...

Procrastinators Corner, Ski / 27.04.2015

"It's just another run." You think to yourself. Making your way down a couple drops and feeling awesome. In the distance you can here cheers from people watching, rooting for you in applause. Suddenly, This skier had no clue of the second drop off. It's really crucial that you know your terrain. Luckily this skier whom is unidentified was able to sit back up. It does look like he might have hurt his left leg pretty bad. We all know that could've gone a...

Leisure Hikes, Procrastinators Corner, Product Reviews / 24.04.2015

You've heard that saying "You don't have to outrun a bear, just the slowest person you're with" right? Well if ever you find yourself in this predicament. Behold; The Solomon Speedcross 3! This shoe will definitely help you get an edge to be the first one out of harms way. With best in class traction due its large arrow shaped lugs, you will be able to handle any natural terrain in your path to freedom. The Contragrip rubber is extra sticky and great for rocks, mud and snow....