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Leisure Hikes, Procrastinators Corner / 09.04.2015

There is a device in the works to assist walking by being 7% more efficient. No, no, nothing like that. Engineers at Carnegie Mellon University have been hard at work developing an unpowered exoskeleton. This new device works like a slip on boot that goes over your calves, just under your knee and attaches to your Achilles tendon. Which then uses a catapult system to assist those muscles to use less energy while walking. The feeling of using this device can be comparable to removing a...

Procrastinators Corner, WakeBoard / 08.04.2015

Torn ligaments in his knee. Couple surgeries in the last year. An epic return to the CWC in the Philippines for an edit. Will Huot makes a pretty hot edit coming out of the gates into the 2015 season. He's got a little bit more to work out with his right knee prohibiting tricks on some kickers. He'll work it out for sure. Again N' Again -Will Huot from Jdeux on Vimeo. ...

Shop News and Sales Info! / 07.04.2015

Friday Night Lights - Courtesy of the Permacation Facebook Page As wake enthusiasts, those of us here at Sturtevants Sports have been eagerly awaiting the construction and opening of a cable park in Monroe, Washington. Unfortunately, it's been mired in delays and opposition from the public. The "Bring a cable park to Tye Lake" Facebook page is going on almost 2 years without a single update (it was last updated July 1, 2013). Depending on who you talk to, the rumors range from "It was supposed to open in...