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Procrastinators Corner, Staff Picks, WakeBoard / 21.06.2016

I'm not talking about the cereal here. Ronix has dropped some serious goodness with the Honeycomb Power Tail.                   The new Honeycomb utilizes cutting edge technology and materials that give it unparalleled feel and energy on the water. Check out what our very own Zach Vollmer has to say about it. Mitch: Zach, who wants honeycomb? Zach: Anybody who wants a soft responsive feel from their wakesurfer. M: That was not the answer I was looking for.  Do you not remember the cereals slogan? Who wants honeycomb? Me want honeycomb!   Awkward silence...

Procrastinators Corner, Product Reviews, WakeBoard / 14.06.2016

Bote is ready to take the SUP genre to a whole new level. Summer is here. If you're ready for the hot summer days and looking for a great way to get outside to cool off. This Bote Breeze 11' Inflatable paddle board could be exactly what you need. This board is perfect for the adventurer who doesn't have the space to store a full size board in their home or car but want to be able to hit the water when they want. It comes in a backpack. A...