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Procrastinators Corner / 04.03.2015

If you're anywhere near my age(Which I don't know if I've ever posted on here). But none the less, listened to any hip hop near the late 90's you might right off the bat recognize the song in this next edit. Which the moment I hit play I kinda had to take some favoritism towards this one. It took me right back to that age where anything was possible and my body could handle any kind of physical abuse thrown at it. Steffen Vollert and Felix...

Procrastinators Corner / 03.03.2015

A lot of people don't really get the type of athleticism comes with tennis. Ridiculous hand eye coordination, the endurance and strength. It's amazing to watch how these players can pull it all together. Here in this older court level tennis practice, you can see just how amazing these guys are. Don't even get me started on how many times I've just watched Alexandr Dolgopolov of Ukraine and Gael Monfils of France go back and forth in this. Watch the two train head to...

Procrastinators Corner / 02.03.2015

The Other Guys are back at it again. You're not going to find mind blowing runs, or gravity defying tricks. You will see Brandon White, Allen Santucci, Joe Marfeo, Evan Mansolillo, Kyle Gallup, Brandon Fain and Ashley Pollock are attacking the local streets, backyards and Yawgoo Valley in their second episode. These guys have done a great job at putting together fun and entertaining edits for amateurs. Hopefully someone picks these kids up. Maybe the police. Just kidding. Let these guys do what they...