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Procrastinators Corner / 25.02.2015

Today's vid of the week goes to Chad Worall of OWC and Liquid force teams' Chandler Powell. Both riders coming from Florida bring some friends along while they travel to Thailand's Wake Park with Aaron Gunn and Busty Dunn. Next they take to the land down unda with Sophie Hogben at Bli Bli Park. Even if you've still got any snow at your house, these guys will certainly make you miss warmer weather. ...

Procrastinators Corner / 24.02.2015

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Procrastinators Corner / 23.02.2015

It has come to my attention that there are a few terms in Ski and Snowboarding that people may not be familiar with. One in particular is a favorite of mine. I'm pretty sure you've seen this before but didn't know what to call it. This term is called "the Scorpion" not from Mortal Kombat , but from that horrific little insect that can be found in hot dry climates. The term Scorpion derives from it's similarity of when a persons feet bend backward toward their...