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Bucket List / 13.06.2016

5 adventures you'll want to add to your bucketlist this summer! 1. Hike to an Alpine Lake A local favorite, Snow Lake trail has everything you could want out of a classic PNW hike; expansive views of the surrounding mountain peaks, waterfalls and a crystal blue lake.  Located in the Alpental parking lot just 40 minutes from Bellevue.  WTA link here Check out our collection of Salomon shoes.  Gear up and prepare for this 7.2 mile hike with the Salomon Speedcross 3. With an aggressive tread pattern you’ll feel invincible on even...

Shop News and Sales Info!, Water Sports / 13.06.2016

We're getting asked a lot of questions about this product, and as a representative of the Radar-Ronix Factory Store (Bellevue, Washington), we thought we should answer this question here on our blog. Ronix Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper - MSRP $599.99 - Free shipping! What is it? It's designed to be an easy way to create (and remove) a wake for wakesurfers. It should not be used for waterskiers or wakeboarders unless you just want to ride on one side of the boat with a giant wake behind you. Is it easy / safe...

Golf, Shop News and Sales Info! / 12.06.2016

Just kidding, it's on Sunday the 19th. Father's Day is always on a Sunday. Never forget that. Ever. All dads are special for the things they do that you either appreciate at that very moment or ones that you don't realize are really big things until you're older. So why not take some extra time out of your day and really put some thought into what would make this year a little different. Just because when you were a kid, he forgot you that one time at the store....