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Procrastinators Corner / 16.02.2015

It's not everyday I see something that make me shout "YAAASSSS!!!!" Who needs hoverboards in 2015? I want dual motor rockets on the back of my snowboard to help out in the flats. The people who have been developing this fun contraption has been getting a little bit of resistance about this being real. I myself have no problem seeing that the video wasn't doctored and is pretty legit. (Clearly I believe everything on the internet) Apparently they are also working on a 6 motor rocket(Aerotech G40) which is...

Procrastinators Corner, Shop News and Sales Info! / 13.02.2015

If you've been following us this week, which I hope you have been. You may have noticed a little trend. If you have, then 2 points for Gryffindor! I'm going to try and do themed days for a little bit with the snow season tapering down. Plus side is tennis and wake seasons are about to pick up. Naturally this Friday's featured product is going to be geared towards the upcoming seasons. So today's item is...

Procrastinators Corner / 12.02.2015

Line Skis' Dylan Siggers has some really great edits out there. This one's fantastic! There's a trend of pro skiers doing more edits in bounds at resorts to give us everyday riders/skiers a glimpse of what truly is possible when you stay in. You don't always have to go off the groomed runs to have an epic day. Candide has done it and now it's Dylan's turn. There's that fine line that makes these videos go from meh' to yeah. Here's Dylan shredding...