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Procrastinators Corner / 21.01.2015

Depending on who you are, this is probably not the same person you may think it is. The 23 year old Bobby Brown of Colorado has taken every little step to solidify himself as a professional skier. Becoming the first person to win 2 gold medals in the same X Games is definitely good enough to make that point. Don't be cruel to this young skier, he's one of the first to land multiple variations of the triple flip or triple cork in California. It's gonna...

Procrastinators Corner / 20.01.2015

Now I've seen it all. Surfer pug Brandy hits the slopes to give her paws a go at snowboarding. She's so cute your screen might explode with rainbows, glitter and confetti. She got her first taste of snow when a random snow storm hit DeLuz, California. Now she's showing us humans how it's done at Big Bear. If you want to see more of this pug, follow her instagram. #Puglife Sorry. Had to do it....

Procrastinators Corner / 19.01.2015

Here in the PNW we've been waiting for a day like this group of friends had. When I first showed this edit to Jin next to me he was like Can't blame the guy. I do love how this group of friends are just super stoked and high fives all around. It's a good change of pace from all the edits of solo riders show boating. Well maybe now the green eyed monsters got me a little bit. Anywho, here's the edit that YouTube user JHaller had posted of...