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Procrastinators Corner / 12.01.2015

Chicago got hit with its first snowfall this year. Natives Conner O'brien, Eric Maurer and Stephen Macenas take it upon themselves to turn the streets of Chi-Town into an urban park. Watch as these guys run from cops, dogs and dragons while being towed on a rope. Okay, so maybe there aren't any dogs. There are some close calls to where it looks like Conner might almost hit a car a couple times. Now if only Seattle could get a little snow we...

Procrastinators Corner / 09.01.2015

If you've ever been at a park and thought to yourself "I could build a better set up". Now is your chance to put your boots where your sound hole is. QParks Shape Academy has put together a video that shows that you can do what you love to do and turn it into a career. What better way to add a couple stamps to your passport while living it up in the Alps. Fresh air, big machines, cool people, outdoor office?! Sign this...

Procrastinators Corner / 08.01.2015

What does it mean?! Am I dreaming?! In all honesty, this photo is pretty rad. It's a reminder of what makes being out in nature so beautiful and special. The photo was taken at Jay Peak Resort in Northern Vermont. Reddit user DougfromBuf submitted the photo and shortly after another reddit user commented that they too saw a similar sight a few days later. There are places on this magical planet that never ceases to amaze me. ...