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Procrastinators Corner / 02.01.2015

This edit might be a little over a month old by now. Also it's one of the most entertaining edits I've seen all year. Trust. I've seen a lot of edits this year. These guys have a fun and fresh vibe to their edits. Let's not forget to mention that glorious hair of the first rider. Kinda reminds me of this guy The boy's were up riding at Arapahoe Ski Basin Area and are local riders. You absolutely have to watch till...

Procrastinators Corner / 01.01.2015

2014 came and went. The season in the PNW has been a little rough to say the least. All that is now behind us as we look onward and upward to 2015. What is everyone's 2015 goals whether it be on the slopes, on a court or even in the Kitchen! We want to hear from you! Who knows. Maybe you'll get a follow up message halfway to check on progress. With that said. I would love to be able to get a...