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Procrastinators Corner / 24.12.2014

Not very often can a ski or snowboard short film be described as "beautiful". No One Knows is one of those films that I personally would put in that category. It's pretty, it's rad. It's pretty rad. Enjoy the next 30 minutes. NO ONE KNOWS : The Movie from Almo Film on Vimeo. ...

Procrastinators Corner / 23.12.2014

SNOWBOLA! Reddit user CalvinRocky whom resides in Colorado is the first documented case that I've personally seen. Shown in his letter to his boss stating "All recent snowfall has resulted in me contracting snowbola(very similar to ebola). In effort to reduce spreading the disease I will not be in the office tomorrow." CalvinRocky we wish you an unspeedy recovery and hope you get to stay out of the office for at least a week. Here in the PNW we're still dealing with that Pineapple Flu. Maybe...