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Procrastinators Corner, Ski / 30.03.2015

Jesper Tjäder posted this video on his FaceBook page late last week of his semi-final run. He said "Didn't make it to finals, but I'm super stoked that I landed a sw double front flip in a comp run!" It seems that the judges have a lot of explaining to do about why he didn't make it. It was a very solid and amazing run. Usually I don't recommend going through comments on videos or threads but, I'll make an exemption this time. The comments...

Procrastinators Corner / 05.02.2015

On average, I'll watch at least 20 edits a day. Minimum. There's so many different styles out there of people doing the same thing. Candide Thovex was the first person this year to literally blow my mind. I really think there's going to be another shift in edits styles. Going forward they will be much more simple and clean. A more cinematic/intimate feel if you will. Ramping up the sound of the snow getting crushed under your skis/snowboard. Just the person and...