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Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses Review

Black (Matte Black / Warm Grey)

MSRP : $120.00 US

Polarized : This pair is not polarized although polarized versions are available.
Asian Fit : I believe Asian Fit versions are available, although I went with the regular fit version and they fit my Asian head/face just fine.

The winter ski season has come to a close at most mountains, which means I don't have to look at friend's Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram posts about skiing and snowboarding anymore! I broke my leg in February so it's been a tough winter season not being able to do the one thing I look forward to every year. So I thought I'd make myself feel better by buying a nice pair of sunglasses to go with all the cheap ones I tend to buy while on vacation.

The Bad : I couldn't make my mind up about the color. I originally wanted something kinda flashy (If I'm spending over $100 on sunglasses, I want everyone to notice them, right?), but then asked myself, “Why do you need something flashy? You're in your 30s.” In the end, I decided that I wanted a nice neutral color that I could grab for any situation. I am tempted, though, to get a second pair in a neon color. Hey, maybe that's how they getcha.

The Good : Another pair of Oakley's that I considered were the Frogskins, but I like that the Holbrook frames are a little larger and that the lenses are a little more square (relatively). Comparing these frames to the wayfarer style sunglasses that I see while on vacation along beaches for $15-$20, there really is no comparison. The cheap knockoffs tend to fall apart around the hinges, and I've had lenses fall out and frames crack for no apparent reason. I probably buy at least one pair every time I'm on vacation and have likely gone through at least 3 or 4 of them in the last two years.

I worried that the 'warm grey' lens might be a little too light, based on the images I see online. But they're actually darker than I expected.

This isn't my first pair of Oakleys. I own a pair of Twenty's from 2002 that are holding up great. I wear those mostly for sporty activities since they tend to wrap around my face a little better, keeping wind out of my eyes. The Holbrook's will be perfect for driving and lounging at the park or beach.

Avoid buying knockoffs : I noticed that these sunglasses have the word “Holbrook” imprinted on the end piece that goes to your left ear, as well as the model number printed on the same side. So if you're in the market for some Oakley's, look out for the warning signs.

Link to the Oakley Holbrook in Matte Black / Warm Grey

Link to all Oakley sunglasses

Reviewer Information
Jin L. – Raised in the Pacific Northwest. Snowboards 40 to 50 days a season. Spends a lot of free time in Ashford, WA at the base of Mt Rainier, while also residing in Issaquah, WA.

Height : 5'6″ Weight : 160 lbs
Favorite Sports : Snowboarding, tennis, hiking, rock climbing, watching football / baseball / basketball.

Favorite Brands that Sturtevants Carries : Burton, Ride, DC, K2, ThirtyTwo, Wilson Tennis, Nike