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Staff Picks – Jin’s Snowboard Setup

With the new season just around the corner, we wanted to give some input on what gear “we” are most excited about. So here goes!

Hey everyone. Jin here. I’m going to offer up 2 setups today. One featuring all new 2015 equipment with a combined price of $1,000. And a second featuring a combined price of $500 that’s more geared towards those of us on a budget.

The above setup features the 2015 Capita Indoor Survival Snowboard ($400), 2015 Burton Cartel Bindings ($240), and the 2015 Nike Kaiju boots ($360).

Capita – Out of all the snowboards we carry, I chose the Indoor Survival because of the shape (true twin and flat camber). For the past few years I’ve gone back and forth between camber, reverse camber and hybrids. If you’ve never tried a reverse camber snowboard, you’ll notice how playful and fun they are, until you’re trying to hold an edge on ice or groomed runs. Camber is the opposite, where you’re able to hold an edge on just about anything, but it’s not as playful.

Flat snowboards and hybrid snowboards offer a balanced combination of both.

There’s also a desire among many snowboarders to support small ‘core’ brands. And with that said, we’re glad to have Capita back in our stores.

Nike Boots – Nike may seem like the opposite of a ‘core’ brand, but boots tend to be a part of the winter industry where small companies struggle. Mainly due to the lack of resources and research and development. After breaking my leg on a pair of stiff double BOA boots, I decided last season to give these mid-flex boots a try. And everything people have said about them are true. My feet were never sore (usually my feet require a few days of riding to break in new boots) and they felt like I had casual sneakers on. It’s unfortunate that Nike will likely be out of the industry after this upcoming season, so if you want a pair of Nike boots, you’ll have to jump on them now.

Burton Cartels – Bindings, to me, are more important than any other piece of gear. They go through the most tinkering and adjusting during a day of riding, and if something goes wrong on your binding, your day is most likely over.

It’s also the most personal choice and the one piece of gear where brand loyalty is strong.

People seem to have strong feelings one way or the other about metal bindings versus plastic. And I’m the same way; plastic all the way!

I’ve used many brands of bindings, and I always go back to Cartels. Comfortable highbacks, screws that don’t come loose day after day, and solid straps.

Next, I’ll post a good solid $500 setup for those of us on a budget.