All This Chilly Weather's Got Me Thinking About Summer - Sturtevant's Blog
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All This Chilly Weather’s Got Me Thinking About Summer

Yeah, Yeah, I know we’ve hardly had a dream winter this year. That’s probably why my mind is starting to drift into longer days and shorter nights. Don’t get me wrong. I most def want a long winter so long as there’s still plenty of fresh pow dropping from the skies above. Please allow me to daydream a bit into those hot days and warm nights. Here’s a fun GoPro edit coming from Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. Just a couple kids doing what kids do; jumping off stuff, wakeboarding, setting each other on fire with roman candles, wake surfing and more jumping off stuff. Takes me back to the summer of ’69(That’s a Bryan Adams reference for those born post 1990). These kids did a solid job of putting this together so let’s give credit where it’s due.

Riders; Miles and Wessley Putney
Video Posted by; Jacob Cannon