There's Extreme. Then There's EXXXTRRREEEMMMEEE!!!! - Sturtevant's Blog
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There’s Extreme. Then There’s EXXXTRRREEEMMMEEE!!!!

REDBULL the energy drink that gives you wings is at it again. This time giving parachutes to skiers; John DeVore, Andy Farrington and Filippo “Ippo” Fabbi and sending them off 700 foot drops. This new documentary titled “The Unrideables: Alaska Range” travels to you guessed it…Alaska. One of the largest mountain terrains in the world. Just when you though a hundred foot drop was huge. These guys will just snicker and say “Yeah bro, that’s cute” well probably not. That’s more what I would say if I could do what these guys do.

Speedriding has only been around for nearly a decade and is gaining popularity quickly with big speed/air riders looking for that next challenge. Speedriding combines high speed and big air by allowing the user paired with a parachute to traverse areas previously inaccessible through traditional methods.

The Unrideables: Alaska Range is set to release January 21st at the Depot in Salt Lake City. If you’re not in the area to make it for that. The film is set to release for sale in February. There can be more information found on the films website.