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#FPF Swing Low Sweet Babolat

Image Map

This weeks #FPF we’re going to be looking at the Babolat Aeropro Lite in the newest colorway* we’ve received.

This is a beautiful racquet that will definitely grab some attention. With flashes of yellow contrasting with the black and white frame popping cohesively with the pink accents. One look and you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. It’s ridiculously light in the hand and is a good fit for juniors transitioning into adult frames or intermediate adults who are looking for lightweight maneuverability and spin. One of my favorite features of this racquet,just above the handle you can see a little bit of the GT Technology wrapped in a high gloss coat.

Image Map

Here’s the veggies;

Composition : GT Technology
Weight : 260 g / 9.2 oz
Head Size : 645 cm squared / 100 square inches
Balance Point : 340 mm
Length : 685 mm / 27 inches
Flexibility 73 ra

*Currently this colorway will have to be ordered by phone. Call us at 425-454-6465 ask for the Tennis Department