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First Cable Park in Washington State?

Friday Night Lights – Courtesy of the Permacation Facebook Page

As wake enthusiasts, those of us here at Sturtevants Sports have been eagerly awaiting the construction and opening of a cable park in Monroe, Washington. Unfortunately, it’s been mired in delays and opposition from the public. The “Bring a cable park to Tye Lake” Facebook page is going on almost 2 years without a single update (it was last updated July 1, 2013). Depending on who you talk to, the rumors range from “It was supposed to open in 2012” to “It was recently turned down. It will never happen.”

So every once in a while, we’ll search for other cable parks within a reasonable driving distance. For example, there was a lot of material on Google about a Hood River Wakeboard Cable Park in Oregon. But we found out that it doesn’t exist and it was ultimately turned down by the local authorities.

We found one in Idaho called Wake Central. But the Facebook page says “Permanently Closed.” We found ANOTHER one in Idaho called The Cable Factory, and it looks like it’s just about to open! But after getting our hopes up, we realized that’s a 12 hour drive from the Seattle area.

But Wait, There’s More!
Hold on a second. Google shows “Bow Lake Watersports” when we search for Cable Parks. I wonder why that is? After digging around the internet, we find this link to Permacation Cable Park.

JACKPOT! – Courtesy of the Permacation Facebook Page

It looks like it’s on Bow Lake and is affiliated with Bow Lake Watersports (which offers the more traditional tow-behind services). We get in touch with Mike Ennen, who works there, and the first thing we ask is,

“Is the cable park for real and do you really exist?”

Mike replies with an emphatic “Yes!! The cable is for real and we opened last June!!”

Currently, they are open every weekend, and by reservation only on weekdays. This might change as the weather continues to warm up. They offer Friday Night Lights (4 PM to 10 PM) on Friday’s using the lake’s full stadium lighting.

The cable park currently has 6 features for all riding levels, including a small double sided kicker, big double sided kicker, flat bar, incline rail, A-Frame rail, and ollie barrel.

Park amenities include a hot tub, changing room, rental shop, fire pit, deck lounge and marina. Follow them on Facebook ( or on Instagram (@permacation).

Don’t forget, you can get wakeboard gear at our Sturtevants and Ski-Mart locations!

The next step, taking the Sturtevants crew out for a day of wakeboarding!