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#FPF Drop the BPM


This week we take a closer look at a great all around womens tennis shoe from Babolat. The updated Propulse BPM features two great color selections. White, Blue and Lime Green or Cherry(Dark Fuchsia) with White. This new shoe is much lighter and has a shorter break in period. It’s a narrow fit with all around comfort from the moment you put them on. This is a great shoe for all levels to wear. Not to mention the 6 month durability guarantee.

babolat back side bottom

Babolat top side

Here’s the Veggies;
– Optimum grip/sliding balance on all types of courts and extra durability thanks to the exclusive Michelin OCS2 outsole.
– Comfort and breathability thanks to the stitchless, all mesh build.
– Outstanding stability and hold thanks to the new TI-Fit last specifically adapted to women’s feet.
– Exceptionally dynamic response with the special Side 2 Side system in the forefoot.
– Long lasting heel dampening and comfort with Kompressor System.
– Durability thanks to the Soft Shield located in the high-wear zone.
– Extra comfortable thanks to the TI-Fit design and exclusive DynamicSole insole.

These are currently available in store only. MSRP $119.95