This Is Like a Childhood Dream - Sturtevant's Blog
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This Is Like a Childhood Dream

Growing up playing in a lot of sand, I built many sandcastles. I remember pretending the little humans in my castle living their lives before the evil waves of the pacific would come and wash them away. More of that story is for another day, with that said. The team at Suzuki have built a ridiculous snow castle that’s just mind blowing fun! I would never thought in my dreams to see anything like what they’ve done. The whole park was carefully carved out of 150,000 m3 snow for the Suzuki Nine Knights 2015 in Livigno, Italy.

Suzuki had invited a team of all pro skiers, boarders and skateboarders from April 5th-10th to have at this park. A lot were able to utilize the parks unique features to stomp out numerous personal firsts. There was also a mini ramp placed on a snow cube at 11m completed “Il Castello” and saw skaters ride in the most unusual setting. There’s too much to list but here’s all the action!