#FPF The French Open You've Been Waiting For - Sturtevant's Blog
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#FPF The French Open You’ve Been Waiting For

Babolat has released it’s newest Roland Garros French Open Racquet for 2015. The AeroPro Drive has been around for a little while now this year. The French Open racquet shares all the same specs as the AeroPro Drive but adds a little French flair in the colorway. Highlights of bright yellow and a fiery red consume this wicked stick. Don’t be fooled by all the flair, this is a superb all around racquet. Babolat has also added the Cortex Active Technology to dampen the impact vibration.
Make no mistake, this is one of the most popular raquets out there. The Roland Garros French Open will definitely catch some looks. While we’re at it. Here, catch these veggies;

A CDS (Cortex Dampening System) interface supplies useful information to the player and the handle’s construction brings this information close to the player’s hand for perfect control upon each strike.

Aero Technology; Aerodynamic frame shape allowing the racket to penetrate the air more easily for optimal power and spin.

GT Construction provides excellent stability at ball impact. The additional rigidity obtained through this technology allows for more precision or power according to the construction.

Woofer System; The first and most effective frame-string link system: a longer ball/string contact time for greater control and a sensation of comfort.