Throwback Thursday to 1995 - Sturtevant's Blog
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Throwback Thursday to 1995

The Australian Open 1995. It’s the quarter finals. Pete Sampras versus Jim Courier. If you’ve been a tennis fan for a while, you know where this is going. For someone who is getting into tennis, grab a tissue. I’m about to serve up an ace in the feels department. Just prior to the match Pete Sampras’ coach and long time friend, Tim Gullikson fell ill and had been forced to return to the U.S. after several tests were ran at a local hospital.

Like they say in showbiz, “the show must go on.” Pete continued the tournament and faced Jim Courier. How he handled that match would make tennis history and melt our hearts. A true full embodiment of what it means to be a champion. Pete’s breakdown was something inspiring and heartbreak. Tennis HD has done a great job with this documentary series explaining the events through the players themselves.

“Do it for your coach” shouted by a fan in the front would be the turning point in that match. Pete ended up triumphantly beating Jim but losing to Andre Agassi in the finals. Which would then lead into another famous rivalry which I’ll get into at a later time. So for now, enjoy this quick clip and grab some tissues.