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Grab your Pimm’s, Strawberries and Cream

The big “W” Wimbledon is upon us. One day in the books and already some great action. Naturally a lot of the favorites(Djokovic,Williams, Wawrinka etc.) got to move on.

There was one player who had a touching end to his Wimbledon career. To some he’s known as the “Lawnmower”. In a 5 set match he lost 3-6,6-3,4-6, 6-0 and 11-9. The match lasted 4 hours against Jarkko Nieminen. Lleyton Hewitt will not walk into the sunset with his head down. He quietly set the record for most appearances at this prestigious tournament with 44 slam 5 set matches played. While accomplishing the daunting record he’s surpassed greats such as Agassi, Lendl and Sampras. His match also had one of the best shots of the day, if not the tourney.

I would’ve used the official video but for some reason it freezes at the most pivotal time.

While we’re on the subject. Here’s a little fun moment from John Mcenroe.