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The Glory Days of the 90’s

It’s said, “You can’t get to where you’re going, if you don’t know where you come from.” That little saying is so true yet so simple.

Transworld Snowboarding has put together a really short documentary that takes us back into the neon hyper color infused world of the 90’s. It was a pioneering time for snowboarding. Watching this video really puts some gratitude beneath your feet as to how far we’ve advanced the sport and the direction it can go with the right people steering the wagons. I’d recommend if you have a way to watch this on your tv to do so. If not get comfy with your tablet, phone or laptop.

So enjoy this Snow Craft Generations director’s cut full movie version from Lukas and Jesse Huffman. The film captures the triumphs and failures of Winterstick‘s Dimitrije Milovich, Mervin Manufacturing‘s Pete Saari and Mike Olson, and features previously unseen riding by Wyatt Caldwell, Pat Lee, Temple Cummins, Lukas Huffman, Jesse Huffman, Allan Clark, and the Wasted Youth crew at Revelstoke Mountain Resort and K3 Cat Ski Operation