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I Volunteer As Tribute #FPF

Oh c’mon! You knew that was coming.

Let’s get on topic now. This weeks #FPF is Hyperlite’s do it all board. The Hyperlite 2015 Tribute. You see what I did there now?

The Tribute is a shape designed for the true free ride experience. Built off of a 2.55 inch continuous rocker line it carries awesome speed into the wake and all the pop you need. Combined with a variable edge design which rolls from soft between your feet to a sharp cupped rail tip and tail, this board is as quick and responsive as they come. A new feature that strays from traditional Hyperlite shapes however is the Tributes shorter curved molded in fins. Ending almost two inches from the tip and tail of the board, it’s just enough fin to know it’s there and working but nothing to delay release off the wake. All in all the Tribute is a great addition to the line, and definitely a shape and a ride Hyperlite has never offered before.

We have this board available in store and online.

Check the veggies;

Continuous Rocker
Variable Edge Design
Small Molded-in Fins
Top Contours for Maximum
Weight Reduction
Monocoque Construction
Layered Glass
M6 Insert Pack

Here’s the board in action.