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Never Say Never

Owen Pick. A soldier who served in Afghanistan back in 2010 had his leg blown off at 18 years old from an IED blast. He debated for nearly a year about what to do with his leg. Finally reaching the conclusion to amputate below the knee.

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I first learned about Owen after looking into this past Monday’s post about the Redbull Harbour Reach Event.

There are a lot of roads Pick could’ve taken after the procedure. He chose the high road. He is fully aware and accepts his situation he states in an interview with Phillipa Stewart of Redbull. 5 years later from the incident he is now 7th in the world after participating in the first adaptive games for snowboarding. It’s not the snow that brings his story to you today. It’s what he does on the water. Having never tried a board sport before other than falling from his mates skateboard. He asked himself what can he do with his new “toy”. The hospital had started taking him out to a lake where he tried sit down skiing for a bit. One day he started to notice the wakeboarders and thought that looked pretty cool. So he started to give it a shot and the rest is history.

It’s such a great inspirational story about never giving up and how having the right outlook on things can take you anywhere you want to go. No matter what circumstance you may face. Just keep moving forward.

You can check out the full interview here.

Check out his short story below

Keep on riding Owen. Good luck at the 2018 Paralympics. I’ll be rooting for you